of realism

Ordinary players, as a rule.

Video game

What is realism

We have already talked about the most noticeable, graphic. Everything is clear with him: the more the picture on the monitor resembles the simulated object, the more realistic it will be. Soundtrack can also be attributed here - more and more attention has been paid to sound in video games recently. Things are getting better and better with graphics now, but the saying about the lack of limits to perfection is appropriate here. Paradox - despite the desire for one hundred percent compliance, the most developed kind of realism in games is unlikely to ever reach the desired bar "as in life"; certainly not in our lifetime.

Another kind of realism that developers love to brag about is technical realism. “But our cars not only look like real ones, but also behave authentically on the track!” Here, the interaction of the model with the environment is at the forefront. Realistic recoil when shooting, realistic behavior of the aircraft in the air, simulation of tire grip - these are examples of such realism, which, as a rule, is used in serious vehicle simulators, and even then very limitedly.

Realistic video games

What's next?

Of course, the bar for realism in games is inexorably rising, but it rises very unevenly. Whether it's bad or not, but game creators usually follow the path of least resistance: as has been said more than once, graphic realism has stepped forward very much, things are a little worse with technical and eventful, and behavioral is completely marking time.

Where did realism in video games come from?

Realism comes from somewhere, from books about physics, from educational films, diagrams and drawings. But only in games does the possibility of direct feedback with the model appear: with the help of a history textbook, we cannot try to attack in the Battle of Borodino from the other flank, and the film will not give us the opportunity to independently investigate the murder or see the character's reaction to a tricky question invented by the viewer himself. But to be honest, in our time and games this is still far away. Perhaps the challenge for video game developers of the future will be to provide a sustainable and balanced symbiosis of action and storytelling. And the skillful use of realism will be of great help in achieving this goal.